A little about me

MyLittleCakeTin is a creative culinary journey combining my love for baking and design.  

It all started from where I grew up in a sleepy little town in North East India. There were only a couple of bakeries in the whole town then. Frontier bakery was one of them - a tiny shop cum bakery piled high with all things baking and a tiny counter selling potato puffs, marble cake and pineapple cream cake. I still visit that shop every time I am home. My love for baked goods started here with endless trips with Papa.
We had a tiny counter top oven at home, considering no one we knew had one, this was our pride and joy. At the age of 10, I learnt to bake my first cake from my aunt. Marble cake it was, baked in that very tin you see in the photo today. It is a 70 year old aluminium chapati tin. The only tin ever used for baking and then washed out and used to store the cake. Marble cake became my signature bake and remains my favourite cake till today.
When I moved to London, the big oven fascinated me and I could not believe there were so many types of cakes and tins. But I always used to mention this particular little tin to my husband. Baking, oven and I became friends. I know it will be a lifetime and more of learning and exploring but I am on a journey and enjoying it everyday.
So why mylittlecaketin? The domain MyLittleCakeTin written on a anniversary card was a gift from my husband in 2011. A gift to create and find happiness and a purpose. It was our 10th wedding anniversary, (Tin anniversary as they say) He named the company in memory of my happy days baking and that tin. It took me a year to finally start the business.

MyLittleCakeTin is my story of hope and happiness. Baking for happy occasions, making sweet memories and trying to bring sweetness to other people's lives.

All cakes and bakes are lovingly hand crafted and baked in small batches, with great care and attention to detail using the finest ingredients . My North London home kitchen  is certified five star food and hygiene. Eight of MyLittleCakeTin products have been awarded the coveted Guild of Fine Foods -Great Taste Award.

I also setup dessert tables with wonderful displays of our cakes, bakes and desserts for any occasion and theme. 

I love flowers and edible flowers are my medium of choice when it comes to decorating cakes. 


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