MyLittleCakeTin – North LondonMyLittleCakeTin – North London


Baking, cooking and collecting recipes has been a life long hobby. I am a self taught baker and I inherited my love for food from Papa. Growing up in a small, hilly town in East India, my interest with food started with many regular trips to the market with him. The abundance of fresh seasonal produce , the vibrant colours around me and the aroma of spices is something that still lingers with me today. A visit to the local bakery was always special too, where we would pick up our favourite baked treats. Papa and I would always share a warm spiced loaf and finish half of it by the time we got home! Cherished memories of where it all started!

Seventeen years ago marriage brought me to London – a world away from where I grew up. Having a degree in Design, a brief career at Liberty and a qualification in Interior Decorating, I pursued my creative journey here. I also found myself exploring a diverse melting pot of different cuisines, local markets and eateries with my lovely foodie companion – my husband! There was always something new to find here. I found London inspiring and it’s home now!

My Little Cake Tin is a creative culinary journey combining my love for baking and design. All our cakes and bakes are beautifully hand crafted. We have a delicious selection of treats for you to indulge in – all baked with love and attention to detail at our five star food and hygiene certified home kitchen in North London. We also setup exciting dessert tables with wonderful displays of our cakes,bakes and desserts for any occasion and theme. My Little Cake Tin…For all those times when only a cake will do…